ClipTraining for Office365

ClipTraining is an essential part of successfully transitioning to Office365. End-user productivity, comfort level, and acceptance is significantly improved with easy to use product education.

When you add ClipTraining as part of your Office365 offering you'll boost your bottom line, while making happy customers. How?

ClipTraining's unique training-as-a-service (TaaS) allows users 24/7/365 on-demand access to the knowledge they need. Users are able to quickly answer their questions and immediately make use of new skills with the software they've been given. This means a smooth rollout and high praise for you the reseller.

Higher customer satisfaction AND higher profits

And best yet, it's simple to get started...

  1. Fill out the Partner Program Application
  2. Use the banner ads and marketing materials provided
  3. Earn high margins and commission that will not decrease for the life of your customer

Would you like training with that?

With just a simple question Office 365 resellers can add real value to their services, capture more profit, and achieve higher customer satisfaction. Your sales percentage will never decrease!

The E-Learning Market is Booming

Today e-learning is a 56+ billion dollar industry. By 2015 that figure will double. Your current and future customers are demanding access to knowledge on-demand.
Top 10 eLearning Statistics for 2014 Infographic

Setup That Won't Distract

Focusing on your core business is essential for success. ClipTraining makes adding a new powerful product to your current services simple. In less time than it takes to schedule a meeting, your clients could be browsing our training library.

The ClipTraining Partner Program

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