Features and Benefits

Training for Success!

Training-as-a-Service provides the tools needed for success to your entire team on-demand, 24/7/365.

Save Time and Money

Less Helpdesk requests, less wasted time, and a more productive team adds up to ROI that’s easy to see.

Empowering End-Users

An intuitive, user-friendly learning portal that empowers users and rewards them for being proactive.

Simplify Admin Tasks

Organize users, assign training, review activity and run reports all from an easy-to-use Administrator Dashboard.

Software Migrations Made Easy

Raise user productivity to new heights and drive adoption of new software faster than ever before.

Answers from Experts

Quickly find answers and implement new knowledge delivered by industry experts and Microsoft MVPs.

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About Us

education1ClipTraining is committed to streamlining the process of delivering knowledge. Three core principles shape the training we create:

  • Teach the way we learn.
  • Make it simple and inviting.
  • Provide it on-demand.

We began the process of revised training 15 years ago at a time when students were being forced to spend long days in classrooms watching boring PowerPoint slides. We realized that a more interactive approach was necessary to engage and motivate individuals.

Starting with slides and flash movies, we progressed to the screencast method. The idea was simple: allow a student to learn what they need when they needed to learn it. We created The ClipTraining Library so that all of our training would be available on-demand. Individuals and Companies now benefit from our to-the-point, task-based teaching style which enables individuals to improve their skills by leaps and bounds.

We continued to improve our delivery method by developing a complete Learning Portal that is both an intuitive and affordable solution for training and support. The ClipTraining Learning Portal, provides the features administrators need to keep a finger on the pulse of their team’s education.

The ClipTraining Promise

Our story does not end here. ClipTraining is dedicated to the continual streamlining of education. We will always be improving the way we teach to keep up with the way you learn best!

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