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Google Chrome
Lesson 1:  Downloading and Installation

Downloading and Installation

In this clip you’ll see one of the easiest download and installations routines for any piece of software.  Google has made this a simple process.  A direct link to the software is In just a few moments you’ll be surfing with a high tech browser optimized for speed

Lesson 2:  Exploring the Interface

Exploring the Interface

Get familiarized with Chrome features such as the Omnibox, apps, and the handy wrench which opens up a menu of options.  This clip is easy on the eyes and fast- just like Chrome!

Lesson 3:  Understanding the OmniBox

Understanding the OmniBox

Most Internet browser’s call it the Address bar –Google Chrome calls it the Omnibox.   This box allows you to launch web apps, previously visited sites, searches and, type in websites too.  Learn some neat tips and tricks in this clip including an innovate use for the Tab button and the Omnibox.

Lesson 4:  Using the Chrome Web Store

Using the Chrome Web Store

One of the browsers strongest features is the Chrome Web Store.  Utilize this by signing into Chrome using your Google account.  If you don’t have one, you can easily create a free one from within the browser.  This clip shows you how to sign in, locate and install apps into Chrome.

Lesson 5:  Using Screen Capture

Using Screen Capture

One of the most popular apps in the Chrome Web Store is called Screen Capture.  This has been developed by Google and it’s easy to use.  See how to locate it in the Web store and then watch it in action.

Lesson 6:  Customizing Chrome with Themes

Customizing Chrome with Themes

If you want to radically change the look of Chrome, consider installing a theme.  This clip shows you where to find them and how to install them.  Once installed these can be removed by undo the Theme or heading over to the Settings menu and Pressing the button Reset to default theme on the Personal Stuff tab.

Lesson 7:  Working with the Chrome Task Manager

Working with the Chrome Task Manager

You might be familiar with using the Windows task manager to end processes.  Chrome has a similar basic task manager that allows you to stop unresponsive websites without losing your browser session.  Like most Chrome features, it’s easy to use.  See how it works in this short clip.

Lesson 8:  Exploring Chrome Settings

Exploring Chrome Settings

With it’s simple layout and clearly defined options, adjusting Settings is a simple task in Chrome.  Four tabs are present and this clip gives you a brief tour of each one.  Also discover how to search within settings for the exact feature you need to modify.

Lesson 9:  Reviewing Security Features

Reviewing Security Features

Did you know that Chrome shows you in the Omnibar the security status of websites you are browsing?  This clip pens by showing you the 4 different indictors that Chrome supplies you in helping you understand a site’s security.  Next, the clip delves again into the Settings menu and reviews some security features you can modify

Lesson 10:  Syncing Data Between Devices

Syncing Data Between Devices

Google Chrome’s ability to synch Browsers sessions and data between devices works great and it’s easy to implement through the use of your Google account.  This clip demonstrates the process between two different devices and shows the steps involved.

Lesson 11:  Using Business Web Apps

Using Business Web Apps

The Chrome Webs store offers free apps that might typically be used in an office.  These are Zoho Writer , Zoho Sheet & Slide Rocket.  These are similar in style to Microsft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  This clip shows you what these applications look like and should give you a feel for if they are useful to you. 

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