This popular screenshot application is explained in full detail in this video training series. Get to know the new features, navigation and effects available to you. Explained in a simple, easy to follow way, this series will have you taking screenshots and editing them professionally in no time.
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Capture it... Enhance it... Share it... with Snagit!
Lesson 1:  Getting Started

Getting Started

Snagit 10 is an incredible solution provided by TechSmith. 

In this clip you will learn the following:

  • Navigation of Snagit and see it in action
  • The layout of the Snagit interface
  • How to download Snagit
Lesson 2:  How to Snag an Image

How to Snag an Image

In this clip you will discover how to capture profiles such as:

  • All-in-One
  • Webpage as PDF with Links
  • Freehand
Lesson 3:  Adding Effects to Images

Adding Effects to Images

In this clip you will:

  • Learn how to add text effects to images
  • See how markup tools such as arrows can enhance your image
  • Add built-in effects from the Image Style Gallery
Lesson 4:  Combining Images with Transparency

Combining Images with Transparency

This clip will:

  • Show how images look with and without transparency
  • Explain how to create transparent images
  • Demonstrate an image with transparencies added to a project
Lesson 5:  Using Spotlight & Magnify

Using Spotlight & Magnify

This clip will:

  • Explain the purpose of spotlighting part of an image
  • Teach you how to add a spotlight and magnify effects to an image
  • Demonstrate how to configure spotlight and magnify effects
Lesson 6:  Understanding How to Save and Share

Understanding How to Save and Share

In this clip you will learn:

  • How to save image files created in Snagit
  • How to save .snag files
  • How to save image captures as PDF files
  • How to send images directly to applications such as email or Microsoft PowerPoint
29 minutes
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