Courses: 5

  • What’s new in Windows 10
  • Windows 10 Essentials
  • Windows 10 Foundations
  • Windows 10 Power Users
  • Windows 10 Administration


Running Time:
6 hrs, 8 min

Windows 10

Learn how to be more productive with ClipTraining’s in-depth Windows 10 training. With 5 distinct courses, you’ll be guided from a first look on through the advanced technical features.

ClipTraining’s to-the-point and engaging video lessons will help you retain more knowledge and lead to faster improvement in your skills. Set your pace and learn in the manner most effective for you. Choose to watch sections or entire courses for an extended training session or specifically watch single Clips to learn just what you need, when you need it!

Features Included


  • To-the-point, task-based video lessons that boost end-user productivity.
  • New to a subject? Watch a collection of lessons to learn from beginner to advanced topics.
  • Need a refresher fast? Search for a specific answer and implement new knowledge immediately.

ClipStart Guides

  • Instructional sheets filled with quick tips.
  • Key information that provides comfort with new software.

ClipExams and ClipQuizzes

  • Use Quizzes to improve retention and find where you need assistance most.
  • Prove your mastery over a subject by passing the exam and earning a Certificate of Completion.


Gamification built-in to incentivize and recognize proactive learners.

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