The Human Element of Cybersecurity: Why Employee Awareness Matters

Technology is only as effective as the people using it—although it plays a significant role in securing organizations against cyber threats, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that modern technology isn’t sufficient on its own to protect against cyber attacks. 

According to a study by IBM, 95% of cybersecurity incidents can be traced back to human error. With the rise of socially engineered attacks, employee awareness and the human element in cybersecurity are more important than ever.

Understanding the Human Element in Cybersecurity

In the complex world of cybersecurity, your employees are the foot soldiers standing between your business and cyber disaster. While IT specialists are essential to keep things running, it’s just as important that the rest of your employees are educated and aware of the dangers of socially engineered attacks.

Human error can have severe consequences when it comes to cybersecurity—even the simplest mistakes can lead to devastating data breaches and financial losses. However, if properly trained and aware of potential risks, your employees can be a vital line of defense. 

Cyber attackers are always looking to target a business’s weak spots—don’t let that be your employees.

Common Risks That Leave Your Company Vulnerable

Cyber attacks are a huge risk to security, but some overlook the risks that come from avoidable human errors. This can come in the form of everything from innocent typos in sensitive communications to falling victim to sophisticated AI voice scams.

The Risk of Typos

Typos may seem like a minor issue, but in the world of cybersecurity, they can have significant consequences. A simple typo in an email address or link can redirect sensitive information and put your organization at risk. Think about how a typo in a bank account number can result in funds being transferred to the wrong account.

In fact, it can go even further—confidential U.S military information was recently sent to the country of Mali because of a small typo in the domain name, exposing sensitive data. All it took was a single missed letter in the domain name (.ml for Mali instead of .mil for military) to instantly expose confidential information. And don’t think cyber criminals aren’t waiting in the wings to take advantage of such mistakes!

AI Voice Scams

With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), cybercriminals have become increasingly skilled in socially engineered attacks, using AI-driven voice scams to target individuals and organizations. Such social engineering tactics, including phishing and vishing (voice phishing), are becoming increasingly sophisticated with the use of AI.

These scams use advanced technology to mimic a person’s voice, making it difficult to detect that the call is not from a real person. Their tactics prey on human emotions and trust, making them a potent tool for cybercriminals to exploit.

How to Increase Employee Cybersecurity Awareness

To combat the risk of human error in cybersecurity, organizations must focus on investing in increasing employee awareness. The best way to do that is by partnering with an eLearning platform such as ClipTraining. We provide interactive and engaging human-centric cybersecurity training for employees, covering best practices and important topics such as:

  • How to detect and respond to potential threats
  • How to secure personal information and devices
  • How to identify and report suspicious activities

Protect and Empower Your Team and Clients With ClipTraining

At ClipTraining, we believe in empowering Managed Service Providers by educating their client’s employees. Our Employee Training and Enablement platform offers comprehensive cybersecurity training specifically designed to help your customers be better equipped to navigate socially engineered attacks and the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.

By adding this type of platform to your services, MSPs can protect against cyber threats while empowering their end-users to be an essential part of their defense strategy. Contact us today to make sure your MSP is providing the education and tools your clients need to thrive on every level.

Not an MSP? Contact us to find a partner in your area that will empower your team with ClipTraining.

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