Ensure a

Compliant Organization

Use Compliance & Policy Management to both educate employees on specific policies (whether they be internal or externally based) and manage employee policy acknowledgement.

Turn Policy Compliance into Training

Eliminate stacks of printed out policies, misplaced signed copies, and manual tracking of which employee is and isn’t in compliance. Instead, centralize organizational policies with Compliance & Policy Management, providing employees with an ability to easily access, read, and confirm policy adherence.

Take a look at the core features of our Compliance & Policy Management:

Publish Unlimited Policies
Publish Unlimited Policies
Any and all organizational policies that requires employee acknowledgement can be stored centrally, making it easy to designate employee recipients and monitor employee policy signatures.
Manage Policy Versioning
Manage Policy Versioning
As policies change over time, publish updated versions, notifying applicable employees to review and acknowledge the latest version.
Confirm Policy Comprehension
Confirm Policy Comprehension
Ensure employees understand a policy using multiple choice confirmation questions as part of the signature process to make certain that the policy has been read and understood.
Renew Policy Adherence
Renew Policy Adherence
Policies that require reinforcement can be sent to employees annually and configured to automatically request an updated signature, ensuring the employee knows a policy is still in effect.

Informed Employees. Consistent Behaviors.
Compliant Organization.

Compliance & Policy Management creates an organization working in a unified manner under the same sets of controls. Through education and acknowledgement of corporate policies, employees understand what’s expected of them, creating a more predictive outcome of work habits, workplace culture, and practical adherence to regulations.

Consistent Communications

When an organization has a means to send out standard policies with a signature requirement, it sets the tone consistently to all employees “this is how our business operates”.

Accountable Employees

Employees can be required to sign for a policy as the feedback loop to acknowledge receipt and agreement with company policy.

Promotes Fairness

Having written policies ensures every employee is treated equally subject to the same policy that each signed.

Compliant Behavior

Organizational policies set employee expectations and establish how the company expects employees to act, work, perform, etc., resulting in a more predictable set of employee behaviors.

Just One Part of the Larger Picture

Policy & Compliance Management is just one type of training available in ClipTraining’s Employee Training and Enablement platform. Find out how it can be used to positively impact your business by choosing the scenario that best fits you.

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No matter the size or industry of your organization, Employee Training and Enablement empowers employees with the knowledge and skills they need.

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