Don't Just Test Cybersecurity Awareness

Learn From It

Measure and reinforce user cyber-readiness against phishing attacks and social engineering with phishing testing that’s more a fun learning experience.

Phishing Testing Redefined

Enhance your Cybersecurity Awareness Training with testing that not only provides organizations with a feedback loop indicating how cyber-aware employees are, but does so in a fun and engaging way.

Take a look at the core features of our Phishing Testing & Training:

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Positive Phishing Testing
Positive Phishing Testing

Taking a fun and unique approach, users interact with hyper-realistic phishing simulations that feel more like a game than a test.

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Spotlighting 7 phishing indicators, the testing reinforces what users should look for in phishing emails instead of focusing on what they don't know


Once an organization is enrolled, there’s no additional setup or ongoing management. 

Automated Training
Automated Training

Users are automatically tested at regular intervals with a phishing simulation corresponding to their demonstrated level of knowledge. A monthly report is generated and sent to a designated email address.

Security-Minded Employees. Check!

Phishing Training & Testing practically applies cybersecurity awareness, ensuring employees remain vigilant and actively participating in and improving the organization’s state of cyber defenses.

Here are some of the ways Phishing Training & Testing benefits an organization:

Mitigates Cyberattack Risk

Over 90% of attacks start with employees interacting with a phishing email. Educating them on what to look for and how to respond reduces their engagement with malicious email content.

Positive, Not Negative

Nearly all phishing testing is a negative experience, only reinforcing how poorly a user is at spoting a phish.  Phishing Training is a positive learning experience, helping employees retain what they’ve learned.

Reduces Human Error

The “human element” comes into play when employees aren’t paying attention to emails. Phishing training raises employee understanding of the techniques used in phishing emails so employees don’t fall for the real thing.

Improves Cyber-Readiness

Vigilant employees who know what to look for become a natural part of an organization’s cyber defenses, reducing the likelihood of a successful initial attack via a phishing email. 

Just One Part of the Larger Picture

Phishing Training & Testing is just one type of training available in ClipTraining’s Employee Training and Enablement platform. Find out how it can be used to positively impact your business by choosing the scenario that best fits you.

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Offer an innovative service in minutes that enables and not just manages your customers, differentiating you from your competition.

I’m part of an Organization

No matter the size or industry of your organization, Employee Training and Enablement empowers employees with the knowledge and skills they need.
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