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Knowledge Streaming Platform using Microsoft Teams

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Don’t Let Your Microsoft Co-op Funds Expire!

Cash in for online Microsoft 365 training instead…

Step 1: Check your available co-op dollars — Microsoft Partner Center

Step 2: Submit a claim for reimbursement — Manage Co-op Incentive Claims

Step 3: Accelerate the ROI for your M365 deployment

Note: MSPs can also deploy ClipTraining to their clients — Read Partner Case Study

Knowledge Streaming Platform for M365

Self-Service / On-Demand eLearning Solution for Microsoft Technologies

Training videos created by Microsoft MVP’s and updated regularly

Find answers fast - self-service training that’s full-text indexed for Quick Search



Short, “How To” training videos covering all Microsoft 365 products

Accelerates usage for TEAMS Microsoft 365 deployments and drives Teams adoption

Improves Knowledge Retention with short, "How To" videos showing end-users task completion activities

Deploy via Microsoft Teams application

Drives Teams adoption by integrating self-service training video library

Easy Access to Video Library

Utilizes M365 login credentials

Videos play inside Teams window

Simple deployment through Teams administration process

Users maintain their own view into personalized training history

Utilize Microsoft Co-op Funding

Reimbursement for ClipTraining portal deployment for MSPs


On-Demand M365 Training

Submit claim online using Microsoft portal

Provide list of internal employees trained

Include completion date for training

Attach course catalog and ClipTraining invoice

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the training platform easy to deploy to our user community?

Yes, absolutely.  Each end-user gets their own login via a Native Teams application. It provides SSO with Microsoft 365 and directory sync with Azure AD nightly.

Our Tech Support and Success teams will train your IT administrator(s) and assist with the deployment to your employees.

Can we assign training to specific groups and track their completion?

YES, the platform provides many Learning Management System (LMS) features with full reporting on the courses taken and exams completed by your employees.