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PLUS, you can leverage our content streaming service.

Following are a few advantages we offer our Partners: 

Stream Your Own

Publish your own content to customers for job specific training or value-add skills enablement. 

Stream Customer
Education Videos

Customers can publish their own communications videos or in-house training content from their LMS.

Stream Customer Education Content

Resell Premium
Training Channels

Choose from a catalog of add-on training videos for HR, Compliance, Cyber security, Job Skills Enablement, and MORE. 

Reduce Support

Will full-text index searching the users can quickly find the training video they need to accomplish their task at hand so your support calls will decrease

Strengthen Customer Relationship

Provide enhanced services
that are a unique value-add
to your customers.


Generate recurring revenue by setting a monthly fee for your content subscriptions. 

The Advantage for Your Customers

Enhanced Microsoft 365 and cyber security skill development.

Boost Productivity

Improve your worker’s skills with the software they use every day. 
Imagine providing them with an expert to work by their side. 

Improve Skills Retention

Simple “how-to” instructions help learners retain more from each
short lesson by applying their new skills immediately. 

Drive Teams Adoption

All training videos are available from inside a native Teams application to maintain user focus without having to open new windows.

Enable Remote Learning

With a cloud-based Learning Platform and mobile friendly design, users can improve their skills from anywhere using any device. 

Cyber Security Training

On-line library includes training to prevent cyber security threats by educating the end-user community. 

Learn from Microsoft MVPs

Watch with confidence knowing all lessons have been created by industry experts and Microsoft MVPs.

ClipTraining Library Features

Customizable Learning Paths

Setup specific training curriculum for new-hire onboarding matched to job roles or departments. 

End-User Dashboards

Customizable interface options for users to organize their own training enviroment.

Gamification and Achievement Awards

Customizable award-based training models for users and teams. Monitor user activity and promote the advanced learners.

Full-Text Search

All training videos include voice-over scripts translated into multiple languages that are indexed for fast searching capabilities.

Lesson Sharing with Colleagues

Share lessons outside of the platform easily by generating a link with just a click!

Quizzes and Exams

Improve knowledge retention and identify individual areas of improvement. Students earn a certificate of achievement.