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Empower your business with ClipTraining—an innovative solution that increases revenue, improves service, and boosts customer retention. 

Our Employee Training and Enablement Platform

ClipTraining is an Employee Training and Enablement Platform (ETE) that offers innovative services to MSPs so you can educate your clients on Microsoft applications, enhance their cybersecurity skills, enable workplace compliance, and much more.

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With our comprehensive platform, we provide Managed Service Providers (MSPs) with tools and resources needed to add to their business success. Here are just a few ways our platform helps:

Insights Video Series

We provide a monthly compilation of short, 5-minute videos. These updates offer the latest news about cybersecurity and Microsoft technology, making it easy for users to stay informed and vigilant with a minimal time commitment. Making YOU, the MSP, the HERO.

All-in-one Platform

By partnering with ClipTraining, MSPs have all the tools their customers need for ETE bundled in one place, without having to juggle multiple platforms.

Integrated With Microsoft Teams

Our platform drives Microsoft 365 adoption by integrating directly within Microsoft Teams, which makes the learning journey both convenient and efficient.

The Challenges MSP’s Face Today

With competition on the rise and client expectations intensifying, MSPs need to find new innovative ways to stay ahead of the game.


To stand out from the crowd, MSPs must differentiate themselves by offering unique services and staying on top of technology trends.

Acquiring New Customers
and Retaining Existing Ones

Among so much competition, acquiring new customers is a struggle for many MSPs. Building and retaining a solid customer base requires effective marketing, networking, and establishing a strong reputation, a task that traditionally requires significant time and resources.


It can be challenging to maintain profitability while competing for new and existing clients with new MSPs forming everyday. The pressure to offer competitive prices while still remaining profitable can put an additional strain on resources.

Revenue Growth

For MSPs to continue to thrive, they need to focus on revenue growth, a daunting task for many. Achieving consistent revenue growth requires a balance between attracting new clients, retaining existing ones, and upselling additional services.

How Partnering With ClipTraining Can Help

ClipTraining’s Employee Training and Enablement Platform offers innovative solutions that address each of these challenges. Let’s take a look at some of the ways partnering with ClipTraining will benefit your business.

Reduces Service Desk Calls

One of the biggest challenges for MSPs is managing and resolving customer issues. With ClipTraining’s platform, clients can access training resources and solutions on their own, reducing the number of service desk calls and freeing up valuable time. Partners can add their own content to cover everything from customer onboarding or resolutions to frequently asked questions to further reduce the help desk inquiries.

Improves Tech Profitability

By providing necessary training and resources, MSPs can improve their technical proficiency. This means they can complete tasks more efficiently, which decreases time to resolution and results in increased profitability for the business.

100% Partner Channel

Customers can only gain access to ClipTraining’s platform through a certified partner or reseller, giving you a significant edge over the competition. By partnering with ClipTraining, MSPs can strengthen their services and attract new customers.

Adds Value to MSP Services

ClipTraining helps MSPs build strong and long-lasting relationships with their clients. Improve customer retention by including top-notch training within your realm of services, and empower clients with easy access to on-demand learning to help employees stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and industry trends.

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