Augment and Differentiate Your Cybersecurity Services

with Phishing Testing & Training

Set your Cybersecurity services apart from your competition by providing your customers with a tangible way of measuring their state of cyber readiness with ClipTraining.

Enhanced Cybersecurity Services

With phishing remaining one of the top initial attack vectors, client users that are enrolled in ClipTraining's Cybersecurity Awareness training and its' Phishing Testing & Training are far less likely to fall for spam, phishing, and social engineering, reducing the risk of a successful cyberattack.

Comprehensive Cyberawareness

Cybersecurity Awareness Training only presents the educational content; a feedback loop that determines whether a user can (and does) put that education into practice is necessary. Our Phishing Testing & Training provides clients with the needed feedback to know their users are acting as part of the company's cyber defenses.

Positive Phishing Training

Forget old school phishing testing that focuses on what a user doesn't know (and that doesn't actually improve the state of cybersecurity). ClipTraining gameifies phishing testing, educating the user on 7 key phishing indicators to reinforce what users should look for in phishing emails, improving the client's state of cyber-readiness!

Fully Automated with Zero Effort

The implementation of our Phishing Testing and Training couldn't be easier: Just enroll a client's users and you're done. Users are automatically tested at regular intervals with phishing training at their level of understanding, with a monthly report sent to you and the client.

Less Work, More Profit

Old school phishing testing involves sending actual (but benign) phishing emails that only result in calls to the helpdesk, increasing your cost of support. Our phising training isn't mistaken for actual phishing emails and creates a positive learning experience, reducing helpdesk calls and increasing your profit margins.

More Than Just Cybersecurity

Our Phishing Testing & Training is just one type of training available in ClipTraining’s Employee Training and Enablement platform that also includes training to augment other managed services you provide – including Managed Microsoft 365, RMM, Backups, and more – all for one simple monthly cost.

Why should you take advantage of ClipTraining's Phishing Testing & Training?

Phishing Testing Redefined

Studies show that traditional phishing testing can actually make a user less effective at spotting real malicious emails. By turning phishing tests into a training opportunity, users are taught about (and asked to spot) the 7 key indicators of a malicious email:

  1. Sender
  2. Subject
  3. Greeting
  4. Spelling, punctuation, & grammar
  5. Sense of urgency
  6. Links
  7. Attachments
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