Employee Training and Enablement for the Modern Workplace

Welcome to ClipTraining, your one-stop solution for Employee Training and Enablement. Our ETE platform is designed to empower your workforce with the knowledge and skills they need, right at their fingertips. With our extensive range of courses, we aim to make learning a continuous, engaging, and productive journey.

Through our bite-size training videos, we keep learning straightforward with certifications at the end of each course. Boost productivity, reduce helpdesk calls, and keep your employees up-to-date with improved skill retention, all via remote learning content created by industry experts.

ClipTraining Solutions

Our platform is designed to empower your workforce and enhance your organization’s efficiency.
Explore how ClipTraining Solutions can elevate your team’s capabilities today.

Cybersecurity Awareness

We provide education and defense tactics to enable your employees to act as human firewalls and stand as the last line of protection against cyber attacks. Through example videos and consistently refreshed training materials, we educate users in proactive defense strategies that extend beyond mere awareness.

Microsoft 365 Training Content

We provide short and focused "how-to" training videos that cover all aspects of Microsoft 365 and Teams technologies. Assign training to new employees to get them up to speed, or stay ahead of the curve with our regularly updated content created by industry experts.

Compliance Policy Management

Assign and track company policy reviews and attestations for each employee, which keeps data organized and efficient. Automate workflow processes, assign and approve due dates, and help your employees stay on top of things by keeping company-wide policies updated and distributed in one place.

Learning Management Functions

Our unified learning platform offers a range of functions, including the ability to easily assign and track training and use a centralized reporting dashboard for compliance and employee advancement monitoring. Moreover, you can seamlessly stream your own custom training content to both employees and clients, which can enhance your onboarding experience, address HR questions, and aggregate web content, all from a single location.

Cybersecurity Insights Training

Every month we provide a new video, usually around five minutes, that updates users on the latest in security threats and provides intelligent defense tactics. We keep it short and simple so that your customers can always keep cybersecurity top of mind and stay vigilant.

Tracking and Reporting

We provide full visibility of company-wide training activities and employee learning advancement. Track time spent during eLearning activities, and identify the most popular training courses based on accurate statistics.

What Sets Our Platform Apart?

First and foremost, our online training library offers your customers access to a wide range of up-to-date content, which eliminates the need to purchase different platforms from different vendors. Our platform not only boasts user-friendliness, with the majority of our partners deploying access through Microsoft Teams, but it also provides simple administration and reporting on learning activities.

Why settle for multiple platforms when you can have everything you need in one place? Join the ClipTraining community and provide your customers with training on a whole new level.