A Training Platform​

Designed for the MSP

Built from the ground up to fuel a managed service offering around training, our Employee Training and Enablement provides MSPs with flexible options to align with exactly how you want to offer this as a service.

Enhance Your Existing Services and Create New Ones

Our Employee Training and Enablement modules align with a number of your existing service offerings, giving you the opportunity to augment existing services while simultaneously creating new services and streams of revenue.
Take a look at the list of services you offer below and learn how Employee Training and Enablement can be used to enhance your service value or add on new lines of service with customers.
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Custom Training can be created to address the most common user issues, allowing the user to self-support, thereby lowering overall support costs.
Manage Microsoft 365
Manage Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 User Training can be used to drive platform adoption, further establishing the continued need for your managed service.


Cybersecurity Awareness Training educates the employees on their role in helping protect the organization through good cyber hygiene, strengthening the customer’s security stance.

Service Desk / Support
Service Desk / Support
Microsoft 365 User Training answers many of the how-to questions users have. MSP-built custom training on the most common service desk calls can also reduce calls and lower support costs.
Backup/Disaster Recovery
Backup/Disaster Recovery
Compliance & Policy Management can include an Acceptable Use Policy and intellectual Property Agreement to direct employees to store organizational data in locations protected by backup.
Custom Training can be used to centralize existing learning for cloud-based solutions using little more than URLs to external educational sources, helping customers access the training they need instantly.
Compliance & Policy Management can include learning and exams on the practical application of applicable compliance regulations, increasing an organization’s ability to remain compliant.
Self-Service Training
Self-Service Training
By delegating management access to the customer, they can use Custom Training to build out their own organization-specific training content to further enable employees.

Our Employee Training and Enablement Platform
offers the following features specific for MSPs

A turnkey, co-branded, online training platform

Setup takes just 15 minutes, and you are ready to begin offering an Employee Training and Enablement services with your branding front and center.

Best of breed training - all in a single solution

All four best in class training options – cybersecurity, Microsoft 365, policy & compliance management, and custom training – are provided via a single web-based portal.

Multi-tenant management

Centralize training for each of your customers from a single portal, allowing for any custom training you’ve created to be made available to any and all of your customers, as you see fit.


Offer ETE to customers that can manage it themselves. You simply provide the white-labeled platform as the service offering and delegate access to your customer to manage their instance.

Service-Minded Flexibility

You can offer your customers any of the training within ETE that aligns with your existing service offerings – with the ability to take advantage of unused modules when ready.

Client-based pricing

Platform subscriptions are based on the number of clients, providing you with flexibility to offer as an added tier of related existing services, or as a value add to differentiate your services.

Our most important focus is client retention. We know that providing a branded Training and Enablement platform to our customers will solidify our relationships long-term.

Rory Cooksey, Director of Growth, WheelHouse IT

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